Fish Lake Champlain from boat or shore for 7 major prize categories that put 11 species into play in one of the best, multi-tiered fisheries in the country. The lake has over 90 species of fish, many of which are highly-prized recreational sport fish. This access area offers excellent fishing for fish species such as yellow perchwhite perchbluegill sunfish, smallmouth and largemouth bassrock bass, brown bullhead, and northern pike.

Lake Champlain International or LCI hosts several fishing derbies every year. It's one of many ways that this non-profit organization educates and advocates for a cleaner, healthier lake. All of their events are well attended but none are bigger than the LCI Father's Day Derby held in June. To see and learn more about this show and the wonderful outdoor activities you can enjoy in Vermont, please visit

Lake Champlain International - Father’s Day Weekend

Fishing Derby’s

LCI Fishing Derby Video